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Architect Michael Bird, founder and principal of Adirondack Design.

Michael Bird is the founder and principal of Adirondack Design. The firm was established in 1986 with the ideal of preserving, enhancing, and continuing the tradition of architecture which began over a century ago. We believe indigenous Adirondack architecture, sometimes referred to as "The Great Camp Style", is one which harmonizes with the wilderness better than any other style. Although the term "Adirondack architecture" is synonymous with the Adirondack region of New York, it is a style which can easily be adapted to any area.

Adirondack Design has become the recognized authority on the continuation and preservation of Adirondack architecture. Utilizing computer generated drawing, our technology is of the next century - - - but our ambiance is of the past.

In all aspects of the development process, Adirondack Design works with the client to provide personal and individual attention. The purpose of this is threefold: to incorporate ideas into workable three-dimensional designs suited to the terrain and landscape of the selected site, and sometimes assisting in the selection of an appropriate site; to create a sound structure; and to assist in the selection of materials and furnishings so that the completed project will be an original designed and specifically tailored to each individual's needs and requirements.

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