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Great Camps


The Adirondack Great Camps are beautiful log cabins that are truly more like mansions. Built in Upstate New York during the nineteenth century, they are the inspiration for many luxury log cabins across America. The rustic comfort of Adirondack Great Camp design presents beauty and charm that can’t be found with other architectural styles. Using elements such as logs, bark, roots and stone, the building materials used in Adirondack designs promote a very natural and unique appearance.
“Michael has vast experience in the history of Great Camps. He grew up in one himself. He has close friends who own vintage era camps- he's lived the experience and knows it intimately. I am describing camps designed and built over 100 years ago. Michael brings the charm, spacious characteristics of those together with modern comforts so your "new" great camp looks, feels and smells like the real thing- yet its comfy. Of course, it IS the real thing! Authentic is a description that comes to mind. I am tipping my hat to the simplicity and grandeur and flair of the old camps and that's exactly what Michael has imbued his new camps with. We chose Michael for this sensitivity and knew of his expertise, and we are thrilled we did! Or camp is classic and timeless. Thank you Michael!” 
– josedomingoconcha, Houzz


Browse below to see examples of some of the most beautiful examples of our Adirondack Great Camps-inspired homes. One of these beautiful rustic homes can be yours. Call us today for a free consultation!
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